All of our planning services

Planning WA provide you personalised advice about the services listed below with a strong focus on project approvals:

  • R-code Variation Reports.
  • Planning advice.
  • Development Application (Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Additions and Alterations).
  • Rezoning advice.
  • Building Approvals.
  • Planning Approvals.
  • Subdivision Applications (Green Title, Survey Strata, Built Strata, Commercial and Industrial lots, Rural subdivisions).
  • Building design with full understanding of local planning constraints (we also work closely with a team of building designers to help you create designs that are aesthetically pleasing, economic, abide by the regulations and are well-represented. Click here if you were interested in their services).
  • Feasibility studies (R-Coding, Town Planning Schemes, etc.).
  • Checking with your local council if existing structures on your property are approved or are unauthorised structures. If retrospective approval is needed, Contact our private building surveyor to organise a Certificate of Building Compliance and Building Approval Certificate for you.
  • Development potential advice.
  • Town Planning appeals and representation.
  • Provision of heritage advice.
  • Preparation of Heritage Impact Statements.
  • SPP3.7 Consulting (Bushfire Attack Level reports, Bushfire Management Plans, Bushfire Management Statements). Click here to organise a bushfire assessor to inspect your property.