Local Councils all have policies that relate to a wide variety of local government concerns, including planning. The purpose of most local planning policies is to guide planning and development where the R-Codes do not address local features and characteristics. Local planning policies take on various forms including:

  • Addressing a specific locality (local development plans – formerly detailed area plans),
  • Certain structures (sheds, pools, ancillary dwellings etc.),
  • Heritage and/or conservation, and
  • Land use (tourism, home business, child care etc.)

In terms of those influencing residential development, local planning policies typically override certain provisions of the R-codes such as setbacks, building height and garages. Some policies also alter the requirements of development assessments, meaning additional information addressing the requirements of the policy will need to be included with the proposal. Where a local planning policy affects your proposal, it is strongly recommended to contact the council early in the process to determine compliance with the policy and what information will be required. All local planning policies can be found on Council websites. Planning consultants are capable of undertaking this process for you, allowing an otherwise complicated process to progress as smoothly as possible. Get in touch today!