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Planning can be a difficult, costly and drawn out process even for seemingly straight forward development proposals. Many home owners get frustrated with the approval process because they do not anticipate or understand the sheer amount of red tape and technical considerations involved.

This is where planning consultants can be beneficial. A qualified planning consultant not only has an understanding of the planning process, but can also act as a buffer between you and the council, navigating you through what might otherwise be a maze of red tape. Planning Consultants can provide a variety of services for builders and home owners alike, including but not limited to:

  • Council Submission
  • Prelim R-Code assessments
  • R-Code variation reports
  • Council Mediation
  • Council meeting representation and advocacy
  • Subdivision
  • State Administrative Tribunal appeals.

Many planning consultancy firms are also heavily involved in high level planning projects like master planning and planning strategy development for both local and state governments. So not only would they understand the specifics of a particular proposal, but also the relevant wider planning context. It is also handy to have a consultant on side if there are issues getting a development approved.

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